Rain expected, mud, iguanas, mosquitoes: Could this be an analogy for marriage?

Yarima + Renan  |  Engaged

Written and Photographed by Roy Llera

St Jude Catholic Church Wedding  |  Four Seasons Hotel Miami Reception

As a wedding photographer, I get to enjoy countless happy experiences in the lives of amazing couples. Renan shared with me his proposal moment with Yarima: a romantic picnic at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in July. I had to laugh, cry and ultimately be touched by the reality that sometimes that experience can sum up what a marriage can be.

So imagine Renan planning this moment, “I peeked once more at the forecast which hadn’t changed: Rain; so I got on my knees to ask God for sunshine. We got to Fairchild and were relieved to find hardly any clouds in the sky with no sign of rain. However, this had one unfortunate drawback it was hot.”

Now visualize summertime at Fairchild:  hot, muddy, iguanas and mosquitoes all over the place. Renan is beginning to think, “how horribly bad this plan was turning out and how unromantic it all was. But as usual, Yari was unfazed, looking on the bright side, and seemed excited for the adventure.”

After finding a shady spot under some palm trees, it was time for a picnic and the moment. “I was so nervous that I had to ask her to prepare my food because my hands were shaking. I kept trying to set the mood with conversation. Finally, she set me up by telling me that the day had been romantic, and I told her it wasn’t over yet and got down on one knee.”

“I tried to tell her a bunch of beautiful things, although neither of us can remember exactly what I said. All I remember is her giggling through the entire thing (that’s how she reacts when she’s anxious). I was so nervous that I forgot to put the ring on her and tried to hand it to her. She was so excited that she forgot to say yes and had to lay down when it was all over with because she thought she might faint. I can’t forget to thank God for looking out for me because it started raining just as we were leaving.”

Enjoy their wonderful slide show. Click the play button below:

“Looking back, the entire ordeal was like an analogy for marriage. Throughout your time together, you’re likely to go through some rough patches, but if you stick together and stay positive, you’ll get to experience some beautiful moments.”

I have to agree with Renan and this weekend I’ll be at their wedding to capture many more of those beautiful moments!

A few details: Engagement Portraits taken at Matheson Hammock Park Beach; Wedding Ceremony to be held at St Jude Catholic Church Miami, Reception to be held at Four Seasons Miami

Enjoy life’s moments,

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  • Luis E Torres

    You have done it again!
    Great work, see you saturday.

  • Roy

    Thank you Luis! Saturday is going to be amazing!

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