Miami Wedding Photography: Father of the Bride…

A classic wedding movie is the Father of the Bride and the other day as I was surfing the TV, I happened upon this wonderful comedy starring Steve Martin. Its narrative really brings to light the thought process of the Dad…thoughts of the budget, where can one save money, why do we need a wedding planner named “Fraaanck”?  Chicken instead of seafood…and then as the wedding day arrives his heart melts seeing his daughter in her wedding gown and that she is happy. To him that is all that really matters…that she is happy. As a Dad with a son about to get married…it’s all that really matters…that they are happy.

So it’s with much anticipation that I enjoy weddings and watching the father’s of the Bride and Groom. This particular Dad took to the chair in reverse holding on in obvious enjoyment as he was lifted up during the Horah.

What a great moment!

What a great moment!

What some of you may not know realize is there is an earlier version of Father of The Bride starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. This version is my favorite and much more sentimental. The Father tells the story of his beautiful daughter’s announcement of her engagement and all the ceremonial requirements and events leading up to the wedding.There are some wonderful lines in this movie:

“from now on, your only function is to pay the bills”

“An experienced caterer can make you ashamed of your house in 15 minutes”

“Nothing’s really changed, has it? You know what they say: My son’s my son until he gets him a wife, but my daughter’s my daughter all her life, all of our life.”

Here’s to all you Dad’s out there!

  • Idania

    Hi Roy, After following up on your work for almost 2 years now….this is one of my favorite pictures! The emotion gets me every time.

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