Kristen & Michael Part Two: The Party!

Kristen and Michael wedding was just one incredible experience after another. Their family and friends will be reminiscing about this day for many a years.


Well after the awesome urban street formals we took off to the Biscayne Bay Marriott for an extended cocktail reception that culminated in “fireworks”! Paparazzi jockeyed for the best images of the guests as they entered the ballroom…and the party took off to the magic of Ravi Drums. What an explosion of energy that carried through to the last dance. What a party!


Sarah Paz put together an incredible team for this affair…Thank you Sarah!

Music: Ravi Drums. Floral Decor: Avant Gardens. Linens: Gables Linens. Cocktail Reception Entertainment: DJ Edgar Cigar Roller: Miami Tobacco. Ice Sculpture Bar: Ice Occasions. Fireworks: Firepower Displays


Enjoy the show! Please leave a comment for this wonderful couple!

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  • Kristen & Mike

    Wow, what can we say… Throughout the planning process of this wedding we knew the photographer was one of the most important aspects of a memorable experience. The funny thing is we thought we were going to tighten our laces and hammer on a bunch of doors to find the right studio. We only went to 1 and their is no doubt in both our minds Roy Llera was the right one, we knew that with in seconds of walking in and sitting down with him on that day. He showed us tons of pictures and his different pieces of work, which were all great. The truth is it wasnt the pictures on the walls, or the images in our hands that made us feel warm and cozy. It was his passion, the sparkle in his eyes as he told the story of a project in Cuba he was working on. It was the excitement in his voice as he showed us pictures of a great wedding he did. Most importantly, it was the incredible energy he displayed as he spoke with us about his career and his life. Roy Llera is one of the few lucky people in this world that truely found his lifes’ work, he found his true calling. We knew that as we walked out the studio that day. Thankx to our incredible wedding planner Sarah Paz we were able to find guys like Roy and many other great people to help us throw an unimaginable wedding. Thank you Roy for the amazing job that you and your wonderful studio did. Your studio is great and we recommend it for anyone.

    With love,

    Kristen & Mike

  • Sarah Paz-Claro

    This is a couple who knows what they want. I enjoyed working and planning with them every step of the way. I felt like I was working with family. Roy did an amazing job at capturing their personality and fun spirit. This is a group who knows how to have fun.

  • Debbie Falco

    I wasn’t lucky enough to attend the wedding, however, I must say watching this made me feel as though I was right there. I would love to hire you for my children’s wedding in Jersey. I have plenty of time before they even think about marriage, but you can be sure I will save your information and fly you up for a long weekend of fun and excitement!

    Thanks for the long overdue cry!

  • Jennifer Lobozzo

    What a beautiful and fantasic wedding! These photographs are wonderful, they truly capture the day.

  • Adrienne Scheuing

    Absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girls and I watched it. They asked why I had tears in my eyes!!

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