Miami Wedding Photography: Liane Weds George at St Patrick Catholic Church in Miami Beach

The look of love, trust, that you are my everything — between Liane and George very much touches my heart. It’s the look that the lines in that favorite song of lovers “At Last”


The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I can speak to
A dream that I could call my own


May you guys never awake from this wonderful dream!


The wedding took place at the beautiful St Patrick Catholic Church in Miami Beach. Father Roberto Valle has a special gift of song as well as performing a heartfelt ceremony.


Special thanks to Roman Cusco for planning this affair and for his floral artistry. The reception took place at the exotic Jungle Island in Miami where family and friends danced the night away to the music of the fantastic Continental Brass. Enjoy the show, check out the looks they give to each other and show some love for this special couple with a comment!



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  • jen

    What a beautiful bride!!!!May God Bless them and their marriage!

  • Giannina

    Everything looke beautiful! Were those fireworks coming out of the flowers? Amazing as always Roy!

  • Maria

    Congratulations to the lovely couple. What a beautiful video and a lifetime of a memory.
    Great job on photography and choreography.

  • Roy

    Thank you all for your comments…Yes those are fireworks coming out of the centerpieces! It was quite a surprise for the guests.

  • Mom & Bebo

    Les deceamos muchas felicidades a nuestros hijos. Todos quedo divino, Liane estabas preciosa y George muy handsome. Los queremos mucho.

  • Yami

    Picture #33 says it all…just breathe!!

  • Robert Pacheco

    Wow….its been years since I see you Lian…Congrats…you had a beautiful wedding…Mike, Michelle, Brian, and Kevin are looking good too…Send my regards to them.

    Robert Pacheco

  • Carolyn Castro

    Liane you look amazing! This is Carolyn Christina Castro little sister. Christy just got married and she also had Roy take her pcitures. I wish you all the best and happines. Congradulations!!!

  • Alex Castro

    Liane! Congrats! I think I met George at Dr. Marraccini’s office many moons ago! Glad to find your wedding pics on here! Roy was amazing at my sis’ wedding and I am sure you had a wonderful experience with him as well! I wish you and George much happiness, love, and success!

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