Liane + George: A South Florida Engagement Session

I love engagement portrait sessions, quite often comparing the time together with a couple to a date. We’re together chatting about life, love and of course the wedding day. It gives me an opportunity to study their nuances, how they dance together. This goes a long way in making sure that on the wedding day their photographs are all about the energy that they have together.


Liane and George love gardens and so it was a natural to start at Vizcaya. In conversation with George, their garden is a testament of the love he has for Liane. After Vizcaya we went to the beach, it seems that Liane also has a love for the ocean and recently taught George to fish. Hmmm…could this be the perfect woman? So enjoy the show…leave a comment and stay tuned for more after the wedding this weekend.



  • Stephan Maloman

    Solid work Roy. Vizcaya…cant go wrong with that. Makes me want to sing along 😉

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