And Baby Makes Three!

Creating portraits for this Miami Shores family has been a joy. To start with it’s Dad with two of the most loving adorable young ladies that have this guy wrapped up in their loving hands. Then there’s Mom and at the time these portraits were taken she was four weeks away from baby number three.

When photographing families, we enjoy the moment creating wonderful images that will decorate their homes and offices. We have seen the joy and excitement in their eyes when we present these images for the first time in the studio. At the same time we are aware of the significance of a portrait, realizing that this glimpse of a life will for years to come bring enjoyment to these parents. Then think about how the significance heightens with each generation that will gaze upon these moments.

So have a glimpse of this wonderful family and yes the baby is home now. What’s that you ask…was it a boy or a girl? Stay tuned J


  • Sharon

    Just when I thought this beautiful family could not get any more beautiful – you have another.
    God Bless all of you!
    Love always,

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