Miami Wedding Engagement: He Swiped Right; She Swiped Right

Lisa and Seth  |  Engaged

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 As a Miami wedding photographer, I love sharing with engaged couples ideas that I think make a difference in the wedding experience for their family and guests. One of  my favorite ones is the wedding website. When you engage your guests in the story of your relationship, you bring them a little closer to your heart. That intimacy just makes the wedding moments that more compelling for all involved.

So I was looking at Lisa and Seth’s site and had to share with you their story!

“He swiped right; she swiped right….

But Seriously…

If you know Lisa and Seth, it will come as no surprise that their first date was at Rocco’s Tacos. It started out as an ordinary Wednesday, a few days before Lisa’s birthday, but from the moment Seth picked Lisa up at her apartment in Ft. Lauderdale they both could feel there was something special at work. Wrapped up in conversation and excitement, they never even left the bar! And despite one major blunder by Seth — that’s right, he didn’t order the guac — their first date was a huge success. Two weeks later to the day, Lisa and Seth were officially dating.

Lisa and Seth’s first year of dating also coincided with their third year of law school. Well, Lisa’s third year of law school … Seth was more of a law-student-by-association. But eight classes and countless bottles of wine later, Lisa graduated and they were on to tackle one of the greatest challenges any young couple could face: the Florida Bar Exam. It was a trying three months, but fortunately with the help of two incredible friends Ben & Jerry, Lisa and Seth made it out on top, and were even stronger for it.

Starting her new job shortly thereafter, Lisa moved to Miami while Seth stayed in Hollywood where he had lived and worked since they met. It took only a few months of commuting for Lisa and Seth to realize the whole “being apart” thing wasn’t going to fly, and it wasn’t long before they moved in together to an apartment in Brickell, Miami. Surrounded by friends, in a house full of love, Lisa and Seth knew this was the beginning of forever. On September 15, 2016, Seth asked Lisa to spend the rest of their lives together…”

Enjoy their engagement photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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