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Osi + Mark  |  Engaged

Miami Engagement Photography

Today’s blog post feature Miami engagement photography! Every wedding experience begins with boy meets girl! As a Miami wedding photographer I get to meet and know my couples so well. Quite often the engagement session experience is akin to a date. We spend some quality time driving around, looking for an ideal location and the conversation flows ~ connections are made and I become emotionally tied to the engaged couple. You may wonder why this is important to me. Well, I feel strongly that this connection allows me to experience their wedding on a deeper level. So, when I asked Osi how she met mark, I knew that their story would bring us closer together. It shows in their photos  ~ I think you’ll agree!

miami engagement photography

The proposal. ~ “Mark and I met at my birthday party 2 years ago.  One of my friends brought him.  It was the best birthday present I ever received! We were on vacation in Switzerland, and Mark took me to a very nice restaurant for dinner on the last night of our trip. At the end of the evening after all the other customers had left, he asked the waitress to take a few pictures of us.  When she was done, he asked her if she could take just one more picture.  Then he got down on one knee, and he asked me to marry him.  I got very emotional, started crying, and gave him a hug.  The waitress then reminded me that I had not answered his question.  At that point I said yes of course. ”

miami engagement photographer

Your best friend just got engaged; what one encouraging bit of advice must you share with them? ~ “Planning a wedding can be stressful, but you can see it as the first test of the marriage. If you can get through it, then you passed the first test.”

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“Don’t meet with too many vendors of the same type, because the more [of them] you meet, the more difficult it is to decide between them.”

best miami engagement photography

miami engagement photography

Why did you choose Roy Llera? ~ “I do photography for fun and thought of pursuing it at some point in the past.  Because I know a bit about photography, I was very picky when we were making the decision. I had looked through a few different photographers’ websites and pictures, and when I got to Roy’s site I knew he was the right guy for the job!  I like his ability to capture the special moments and emotions.  You can tell that his photos are beautiful and high quality without needing too much Photoshop embellishment.”

miami photography engagement

Crandon Park Botanical Garden located alongside Crandon Park Beach is an ideal combination for this engagement session. It gives us the look of a lush tropical garden and 100 yards away you have sand dunes, seas oats, coconut palms and the ocean. Very different but so close to each other!

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miami beach engagement photography



beach  miami engagement photography

Osi and Mark chose the image below for their Save the Date cards!


If you’re engaged to be married,  I would love to “engage you” with photographs that will last a life time. See what it’s like to be photographed by an artist who truly has a passion for the art that he creates!

Osi and Mark ~ Thank you for engaging me in the most important experience in your lives as I am so looking forward to capturing your wedding legacy!

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