New York City Manhattan Engagement Photography : Annette and Irwin – Engaged!

 Annette + Irwin  ~ Engaged

New York City  Manhattan Engagement Photography | Photographed by Roy

Irwin was so focused was on a huge project, that little did he know that he was about to meet Annette ~ the love of his life!  They worked together as a team to close a huge sports deal. Then, even after the deal was done and life got back to some normalcy, and only at the insistence of his partner, did he think to give Annette a call to get together.

When I first met these two and they shared their story with me, I knew that their engagement session would be ideal if it took place in New York City! See, their first date was a meeting in Central Park and the beginning of not only a beautiful relationship but a food adventure! They used their cell phones to locate “Best Breakfast” ,” Best Chinese Food”, and “Best Dessert in Little Italy” and as they took taxis and subways and did lots of walking to these culinary best of eateries ~ they connected!

Manhattan is one of my favorite cities to visit and I was so looking forward to the change in scenery, weather, sights, sounds, and smells of the city.  So we started our day in the city and proceeded to visit and recreate their first date. I know that you’ll see what a great time we had from the pictures below!

New York City Manhattan Engagement Photography

I think Annette has Irwin’s attention on the wedding plans!

New York City Manhattan Engagement Photography

When we met it was a cool spring day in the City and everywhere we went the trees were in bloom with an array of colors!

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I think Irwin didn’t quite get the idea about how to eat wedding cake ~ he does now!

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An engagement session is my way of connecting with my couples. Emotionally I become more invested in their story, their lives and this provides me with a special point of view that results in a richer experience for us all. So, are you engaged? Engage me in your lives and let me create a legacy of memories!


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