There’s something about a soft rain and an umbrella that evokes romance ~ what do you think?

Myriam + Salim  |  Married

Photography By Roy

Our Lady Of Lebanon Catholic Wedding and Westin Colonnade Celebration


As a Miami Wedding photographer for over 25 years, I must say that I have experienced thousands of incredible moments, witness hundreds of traditions that relate to the wedding experience. At Myriam and Salim’s Our Lady of Lebanon Catholic Church wedding there was a soft rain falling ~ and someone stated that it’s good luck.

So I did a little research…thank you Google… It’s good luck! It comes from several cultures mainly from the Hindu with the idea that a wet knot is harder to untie. Since marriage is often referred to as tying the knot. This thought brought back a moment that I experienced many years ago when upon seeing the Bride tearing up because of the rain just before walking down the aisle…a priest of Irish persuasion stated “Don’t you worry my dear…the angels in heaven are crying tears of joy on your wedding day” and with that the bride believed, tears stopped and on we went with their wedding.

There’s something about a soft rain and umbrella that evokes romance ~ what do you think?

Love this point of view ~ not only is it a great shot of the dress but you get to see so many happy reactions of the guests as Myriam walks in with her Dad.

So with the gentle tears of the angels, Myriam and Salim married and celebrated to their marriage and the luck they both share in finding each other! Ohh ~  finding each other ~ they have a great “how we met each other story and that’s in their engagement blog post !

The celebration took place in the Rotunda of the iconic Westin Colonnade in Coral Gables. This is such a grand location ~ the minute you walk in you’re in awe of this beautiful space!

They have this balcony that surrounds the room that allows for some amazing vantage points!

Now below is a little eye candy created by the wonderful Miguel of Blooms Home and Garden

The event was wonderfully coordinated by Marylen Exposito Weddings, yummy wedding cake by Cake Designs By Edda and the party music by the talented DJ UBI.

Looking forward to capturing your wedding!


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    Fairy Tale Romantic! Gorgeous shots Roy (as always)

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