“God is in the detail” ~

As a Miami wedding photographer, my brides want images of wedding details ~ and usually they are referring to those of the dress, shoes, cake, invitations, rings etc…and I agree that these are totally important. What I want to share with you today are details of love, life and the essence of many weddings ~ God is in the detail!

“God is in the detail” implies that whatever is done is done thoroughly ~ DETAILS are important! So, are you wondering what this has to do with Weddings? Well, a wedding is a love story ~ wonderfully written and full of many wonderful and amazing moments. And in the eyes of our experienced photographers those details come to life! You may have noticed that we describe our work as ~ Exquisitely Detailed Wedding Photography ~

So with attention to “God” I thought I would share images that capture the essence of wedding ceremonies that so often take place in a church, in a temple or under a chuppah.

So often it’s in the form of a verse or passage in the Bible ~

The symbolic breath of life that is wind as this Bride is about to enter a church seeing her betrothed for the first time as a Bride.

The love mirrored in his eyes as he responds to a question put to him by a man of faith ~

The joining of hands between a husband and wife ~ symbolic of their union in the Church.

The tassels of the tallit (tzitizit) God’s reminder to all to keep his commandments ~ appear to caress the Bride’s fingers.

 The Wedding Kiddush cup is used for the Sheva Brachot (seven blessings). The first benediction, Kiddushin, recited over a cup of wine, sanctifies the joy and abundance of a Jewish marriage ceremony.

A Jewish Wedding Rabbi states, “marriage is the reunion between two halves of the same unit. A couple shares the same soul, which, upon birth, divides itself into two incomplete halves.

The emotions here overwhelm the Groom during the signing of the Ketubah means literally “It is written”.

The love of a parent as she brings her daughter to her husband to be in a synagogue.

The wedding couples exchange of wedding rings that represent love and commitment but also the love of God for the couple and their commitment to honor Him with the sanctity of their marriage.

I referred earlier that a wedding is a love story ~ full of many wonderful moments ~ those details captured by an amazing photographer will for many years draw family, friends and future generations into each couples wedding day.  For generations it is these images that will bring the reality of love, exuberance and joy that took place on your wedding day ~ in many ways it is your history.

**Note that most images above are links to these weddings online ~ enjoy!


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