“to fulfill their expectations ~ their dreams!”

Raluca + Nicolae  |  Married

Photographed By Roy and Stella

A Biscayne Lady Yacht Wedding



I am a firm believer that a successful wedding experience is the result of a great team! The team being each and every wedding artist chosen by the Bride and Groom to fulfill their expectations ~ their dreams! Great wedding professionals like great artists understand the elements that go into creating a masterpiece. The chef who creates an amazing meal has the skill but more so the knowledge to take amazing ingredients and create a sumptuous meal! The musical artist has the skill to create the music but more important his knowledge gives the party the right vibe to get those feet moving! The florist takes nature and blends the textures,colors and shapes to creates a visual that will delight the eye. The visual artist be it the photographer or videographer has the skill to capture the story/elements of a wedding ~the dress, the flowers, cake, food and music but has the knowledge to anticipate the emotions that tie all these together ~ love!

So when planning your wedding ~ think about the team that you’re putting together and how together you will imagine and they will execute the wedding of your dreams!

So today I get to share with you Raluca and Nicolae’s wedding experience that was like an episode of the Love Boat! Their wedding took place on the Biscayne Lady Yacht and from the moment we boarded ship the magic of being on the water, the perfect weather, family and friends from all over the world with beautiful accents we knew we were in for a night of intrigue, romance and pure Eastern European partying!

Raluca looked absolutely stunning in a Marchesa Bridal gown and Nicolae was the perfect groom for this beautiful Bride!

I love this image below of Nicolae looking so calm, confident and ready to take on the world! Kudos to my partner Stella for capturing this iconic image.

Quite often I speak of the ability to be in the moment emotionally as a photographer and having the ability to sense when special moments are about to take place ~ the love between parents as their son takes such a big step in life is such a moment!

And then the moment right after your first married kiss ~ you turn and see all those loving faces smiling, crying, cheering you on as husband and wife ~ it’s got to be such a rush!

It was an amazing setting on the water and a beautiful sky to begin their wedding celebration ~

A note from the Bride says it all about her experience with us!:

We enjoyed it all: the presentation, the customized client page, the rapid response, the fact that the second day after the wedding you posted the photos on Facebook, your PR abilities (posting the photo on Marchesa’s page and on Chic Parisien’s page, commenting on them), the assistance during the wedding (I felt that I didn’t need any bridesmaids :)). What I absolutely loved are the pictures – the work of an artist. They are amazing. Everybody saw them on Facebook and commented on how great they were. The light captured in the photos, the composition of the photos are beyond any expectations. ~ Raluca

A Few Details:

Venue and Catering~ Biscayne Lady Yacht

Bridal Gown: Marchesa Bridal from Chic Parisien Bridal Salon

Hair and Make-Up: Gloria Pelo

Floral Design: Pistils and Petals

Music: The Event Factor

Video: Utopia Video Productions

Cake: Divine Delicacies


We’d love to be a part of your wedding team!

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