“He said I have a confession; there is no gift” ~ Myriam + Salim are engaged!

Myriam + Salim  |  Engaged

Photography By Roy

Our Lady Of Lebanon ~ Westin Colonnade Wedding

Sometimes I know that it is best that I let my couples write the Blog post ~

Salim:  “Well … where do I start?  Twas a wonderful afternoon as I headed to Miami for a party filled weekend to celebrate Roni’s bachelor party.  And then BAM!  I saw her pacing in the airport terminal, impatiently awaiting to board the airplane.  Little did I know, I was staring at my future wife … and little did she know, she was going to sit right next to me.”

“And so it began … Karim and I board the flight and get situated in our seats.  As we joke amongst ourselves, we notice Myriam walking down the aisle.  We immediately begin guessing at her age!  Next thing I know, we hear “You guys must be Lebanese!”.  The laughter between Karim and I immediately came to a halt … and then we exploded into even more laughter as we thought we’d been caught.  As Myriam slid by me to sit in the middle seat, we began talking … and the laughter and discussion continued for all 2.5 hours of the flight.  The flight ended with the exchange of a phone number and of course, facebook.  It was immediately apparent to me that Myriam and I … well, let’s just say it was impossible to deny that we had so much in common.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her the whole weekend.  As soon as I arrived back in DC that Monday, I texted her and invited her to attend my birthday party.  The rest is history … and here we are now!”

Myriam: “Our 1 year anniversary fell on Labor Day weekend. I had been working nights all week and every morning I would come home to find flowers in my apartment. Sunday was our 1 year anniversary and Salim had made reservations at an amazing restaurant. The entire weekend he had been telling me how upset he was that my anniversary present was not going to arrive in time due to the holiday weekend. We returned back to my apartment after a wonderful dinner and he gave me a card. At the end of the note he wrote could you please look at me? I looked at him and he said “I have a confession; there is no gift; but I have one more flower to give you”. He reached behind one of the bouquet of roses…

“and pulled out a glass rose and handed it to me. In the rose was my ring and he went down on one knee and proposed!”

Now after first reading this, I will confess that I was wiping away tears… what amazing stories ~ and better yet the gift of love that Myriam and Salim have for each other. But wait as it isn’t so simple as Myriam and Salim as this gift of love extends to their parents, siblings…aunts, uncles and cousins and all those that are honored to witness the marriage!

Click below to take a better look at this beautiful love story in the making!


I too am receiving a gift and that is getting to capture the many moments of love and joy that this coming weekend will bring! Thank you~

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