“The Greatest Gift ~ “

Alina + Anthony  |  Married

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Roy + Adriana

St Theresa Church of the Little Flower Wedding  | Comber Hall Wedding Reception

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

I have always felt that a wedding is not only about the two of you,the wedding gown, the flowers, cake etc but the love you have for each other and being surrounded by the best and closest in your lives.

Having great friends that you know that no matter what life brings you ~ those that will be by your side in the good times and the bad ~ the ones that when the limo breaks down they’ll get on a bus with you ~ is the greatest gift that you can have as a married couple!

There to high five you in the best of moments ~

To party down and dance like there’s no manana ~

Alina + Anthony had an amazing wedding celebration that left family and friends wanting more ~ an affair that will not be forgotten!

No that’s not streams of perspiration running off of Anthony ~ just a few friends cooling him off with tequila, vodka or maybe it’s water ~ NOT!

A Few Detail: Wedding Venue: St Theresa Church of the Little Flower Coral Gables; Reception: Comber Hall; Catering ~ Design and Flowers: Sylvia’s Weddings of Distinction; Music: UBI’s Music Productions; Video: Utopia Video Productions

Enjoy their fantastic slide show by clicking on the play button below ~ Enjoy!

Enjoy life and here’s to amazing friends!

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  • Alina

    Roy, I cannot thank you enough for these amazing pictures and slideshow!!! I love them all! Thank you so much!!!!

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