So Be In Your Moment ~ Michelle Loves Zivko!

Michelle + Zivko  |  Married

Written By Roy   |  Photographed By Roy + Laura

St Patrick Catholic Church Miami Beach Wedding  |  Sagamore Hotel Miami Beach Reception

So much thought goes into a wedding ~ months and months of planning and the day arrives! Your taken by the excitement, non stop moments, the laughter, hugs of love and delight! There’s so much and you want to take every moment in and not miss a beat ~ so be in the moment, enjoy all you can and realize that with our photographers you’ll live those moments and many more that you were not aware of over and over again!

The moment as Dad takes his daughter to the altar ~

And Zivko’s expression as he sees his Bride! What a moment!

Within every setting there are what I like to call the diamonds ~ those images and details within ~ here a photograph of  the ring box secure in the hands of the best man.

Later in this Blog post you’ll see a slide show and in that show is an image of bells ~ to be rung by the guests followed by a willing kiss between Michelle + Zivko ~ they happily complied each and every time!

A Few Details ~  Wedding Location: St Patrick Catholic Church Miami Beach ; Reception: Sagamore Hotel ; Florist: Pistils & Petals ; Cake: Ana Paz Cakes ; Video: Broadway Video

Now sit back and enjoy their delightful sloide show below by clicking the play button!

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