“I Forgot To Ask”

Juliana + Paul  |  Engaged

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Roy

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding

An engagement session gives me an opportunity to get to know each of my couples. I’ll ask about how they met, who noticed who first, the moment they sensed that this was the one and I get to see first hand how they “dance” so to speak. I listen! With all these wonderful details, I begin to understand the essence of their relationship and the love story that I must stay true to ~ Their Story!

Little did Juliana and Paul know that the lazy afternoon get together Juliana was putting together, and that Paul crashed, would change both of their lives forever. As an invite of a friend of a friend, Paul was the only person at the barbecue that Juliana had never met before. Noticing her unwavering warmth and kindness, Paul spent the rest of the afternoon trying to keep and maintain her attention.  After failed attempts at humor, a horrible Buckwheat t-shirt, and pictures of my nephews…something must have worked, because she agreed to go out on a date with him the following week.  And, as they say, the rest is history…

“I really wish I could say that I planned the perfect engagement, but alas, I cannot, so here goes the true tale of my bumbling proposal.  We took a trip to go visit my sister and those nephews in Chicago.  With rings in hand, and an inquisitive travel partner, it took the grace of God to keep Juliana out of my carry on where the rings were stashed for the weekend. ”

“Our last evening with all of us out having a good time, I saw my golden opportunity for some alone time with Juliana. I feigned tiredness and got her to go back to the house.  Too bad for me, Juliana took the bait, and promptly changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed and was half asleep before I could grab the rings out of the bag to surprise her.  Undeterred, I crawled to the side of the bed, still rummaging through my bag for the rings, and was met by Juliana’s beautiful sleepy face, one eye open, quizzically looking at me, and her telling me to stop making so much noise and to get out of her room so that she could go to bed.”

” I finally found the rings and pulled the box out of the bag, which, thankfully, caught her attention, and she perked up flashing that amazing smile I cannot live without.   There I was, box open, rings sparkling, waiting…time passing…and I remember thinking, “she hasn’t said yes yet “  And then it hit me, I forgot to ask her to marry me!  So, at 4AM, with Juliana in her pajamas, I asked the love of my life to marry me.  And again, as they say, the rest is history…”

Juliana and Paul are about to be married at St John The Baptist Coptic Church followed by an amazing Epic Hotel Miami wedding reception that by all indications is going to have the guest stating: “and the rest is history”!

Enjoy this lovely engaging engagement session slide show below and stay locked on our Blog for more amazing couples, their stories and awesome photographs!

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  • Marisa Porto

    Juliana e Paul. A mim, parece, que foram feitos um para o outro.
    Que a uniao seja feita de muito amor, paciencia, renuncia, perdao, carinho, amizade e muita felicidade. Amor eterno, pra voces. Beijos.

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