Amazing Moments and Subtle Details: A Wedding.

Ashlee + Alexis  |  Married

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Roy

Coral Gables Congregational Wedding  |  Comber Hall Reception

I love weddings! Love the love stories, getting to know each of my couples, and best of all capturing their wedding day experience! Knowing that these photographs will grace the homes of happy parents, grandparents and that an amazing album will reflect the love of our Brides and Grooms inspires me to give 100% of all that I am to create a wonderful experience. So it was with much anticipation that I was looking forward to Ashlee and Alexis’s wedding day! From the moment we met and then photographing their engagement session I knew that this was going to be a fun and spontaneous wedding.

As a Miami wedding photographer I am focused on many details that make a wedding and I love seeing what the Bride is wearing but check out the shoe behind Ashlee’s shoe. She surprised Alexis ~ These are his party shoes!

Ashlee and Alexis decided to get ready and have their “first look” at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. This image is what I call a transition shot~taken as we go from one lovely setting to another. With the couple captured in the moment~spontaneously! Refreshing isn’t it?

A wedding is a collection of amazing moments and subtle details. In the months leading up to a wedding, I get to know my couples and understand the story behind all the subtlety. The brooch that is lovingly attached to Ashlee’s bouquet has a photo of her Grandparents that could not attend the wedding. This photo was taken at Ashlee’s parents wedding.

Ashlee looks stunning in her Lazaro designer gown and together they make a beautiful couple. This portrait was taken moments after the ceremony at Coral Gables Congregational Church before dashing off for the reception.

And what a reception it was! The joy of life I saw in this lovely couple was magnified by the awesome family and friends partying like there was no tomorrow! They even had a “la hora loca” literally a crazy hour to take the party to another level. The music cranks up, out comes masks and fun trinkets that has a definite carnival feel to it!

I bet you can’t wait to see their amazing slide show~~Click on the play button below for a fantastic wedding experience! I guarantee that after you see this you’re going to feel like you were a guest at their wedding!

A Few Details: Wedding Venue: Coral Gables Congregational Church; Reception Venue: Comber Hall; Bridal Gown: Lazaro; Catering and Decor: Sylvia’s Weddings of Distinction; Limousine: Meilan Limousine; Music: DJ Connection

Another interesting detail, Ashlee’s grandmother created with a lot of love each one of the pastries you see in the details image above.

A special “thank you’ to Sylvia Viyella of Sylvia’s Weddings of Distinction for introducing me to this amazing couple! It’s such a joy to work side by side with one who shares an equal passion for weddings!

Finally we received a lovely note from Ashlee and Alexis:

“I finally had a chance to get through all of the pictures this weekend (a few times) and I felt compelled to express my gratitude. You managed to capture all the emotions of our wedding while showcasing “fun” as the central theme of it all. The pictures capture everything we could have ever wanted AND MORE. They are beautiful, fun, sentimental and HILARIOUS. If I had to do it all over again, I would pick you again and again without hesitation. You’re an incredible photographer and you just blew us away with your dedication to our day.  You and your team bent over backwards to capture every detail of our day and even stuck around to the very end.  I am certain these pictures will give us the same feeling of nostalgia we had on our wedding day EVERY TIME we look at them.”

Now this is how every bride should feel after getting her wedding photos!

OK, I am super excited for this Saturday’s wedding! If you want your wedding to be captured as you dreamed it would be~then call me~ I guarantee that you’ll be glad that you invited us to be at your wedding!

Loving life!

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    What an awesome post!! Took me right back to my wedding day. For the hundredth time, THANK YOU!

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