“And Then…We Kissed”

Vanina + Brandon  |  Engaged

Written and Photographed by Roy

The Omphoy Ocean Resort Wedding

If you find your task is hard,
Time will bring you your reward,
Try, try again ~  T.H. Palmer

The other night, I was reading a story to my sons and the story spoke of perseverance and never giving up. The Toy Story Movies message is never to give up on trying. And so Vanina was on her fifth and last day of J-Date when she happened upon Brandon’s profile. A flirty comment and a great smile peaked Brandon’s attention and destiny was set in motion.

Emails and long phone conversations led to a dinner date on a Tuesday but the Sunday before Brandon called and wondered “Why not tonight?” Vanina said “Yes”.

“So, off we went for sushi, talked for hours, ate gelato and then…we kissed. That kiss sparked a chemistry and romance neither of us had ever felt before.  We spent ten of the next 14 days together and were inseparable – the two of us finally found true love – and we owe it all to patience, positivity and yes, J-date.” The next year was life at warp speed as they met each others families, traveled together, moved in together and shared each others dreams. Brandon knew that Vanina was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Vanina’s parents excitedly gave him permission to marry their daughter. Now comes the thought that every guy has to ponder~ How to ask her?. “When Vanina was planning my birthday party, I knew I had found the opportune time to ask her to marry me.  Right before the cake came out, and in front of 50 friends and family, I asked Vanina if she would continue making me the happiest man on earth for the rest of my life and then…we kissed.”

Enjoy their engaging slide show below by clicking on the play button. The image below was their “Save the Date” to tell all their family and friends about their exciting news!

Vanina and Brandon will be getting married in the very near future at the Omphoy Ocean Resort, the only beachfront boutique hotel on Palm Beach island.

What a great love story! What about yours? I’d love to capture your love story with an eye for romance, love and all these wonderful moments that are going on in your lives!

Engage in life!

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  • Rocky

    POETRY IN MOTION….I love seeing your pictures, people from all walks of life, the music you create for them, the incredible photos that tells the story…pure genious….
    in my book you are the best!!!!

  • Vanina

    We had so much fun that day with you Roy…and you can tell by the pictures! We are so excited for the wedding! Thank you for making our memories of this amazing time in our lives.

  • stella

    what a sweet and thought provoking story!! great photos as well!

  • Susan Nienaltow Hochman

    Beautiful story for a beautiful couple

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