“He Did So Good!”

Anacristina + Antonio  |  Engaged

Written and Photographed by Roy

St. Patrick Catholic Church | Miami Beach Wedding  |  Epic Hotel Miami

Imagine it’s your one year dating anniversary and your boyfriend has a special weekend planned. First you have dinner at a favorite restaurant. You’re greeted with red roses, heart shaped confetti and a  specially printed menu that reads, “Happy Anniversary”.  So he’s doing pretty good on the romance scale but you still don’t see what’s coming. This is what Antonio (TJ) had planned for Anacristina (Ani).

After dinner, TJ had made arrangements to take Ani to a wonderful upscale beach hotel for a romantic, relaxing weekend. “When we arrived at the room, TJ let me in first and when he put the lights on all I saw were rose petals leading to the bedroom. On the bed spelled out with what I thought was like 1000 chocolate kisses was, “ANI WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

“I was in complete SHOCK! TJ held my hand and turned me around to face him, he was on one knee with my beautiful ring in his hand and  asked, “WILL YOU?” and I said, “YES!” like 1000 times and kissed him like a 1000 times.”

That moment was followed with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and created an amazing start to the perfect weekend. I would say that TJ rocked the proposal!

Enjoy the beautiful slide show of their engagement session by clicking on the play button below:

Ani and TJ will be getting married at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Miami Beach. This is one of my favorite churches to photograph weddings at. To see more weddings that we have photographed there click: St Patrick Weddings. Their reception will be held at the Epic Hotel. I can’t wait!

A little note from Ani:  “The pictures are gorgeous and we couldn’t be happier!”

I so enjoy creating great engagement portraits during this special time in each couples lives. It gives me an opportunity to get to know each couple in a wonderful way and makes for some amazing images for “Save the Date” cards, guest books and gift portraits for parents and family.

Engaged? I think it’s time you gave me a call to see what wonderful images I can create for you!

Have a great day!

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  • Luis E Torres

    I Love your posts Roy.
    Great story and beautiful images.

  • Sari

    Roy, not only did you do an amazing job with the photography you captured TJ and Ani’s Love for each other !!!!!!
    Thanks so much for creating such beautiful and priceless memories

    PS – the props were awesome!

  • Gabita aka the "Bride's Cabage"

    Roy – I can’t tell you enough how charming, how dazzling, how classy, the shoot turned out.

    I cried the whole way though – which IS really weird – and could not stop thinking how perfect you illustrated who Ani & Teej really are as a couple – through their photos. Brilliant.

    I can’t wait to see you soon!
    Love u,

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