“It was the day before the wedding and I had no dress!”

Yarima  + Renan  |  Married

Photography By Roy + Stella  |  Written By Roy

St Jude Catholic Church Wedding  |  Four Seasons Hotel Miami Reception

Do you recall Yari + Ren’s engagement blog post? Ren said then “Throughout your time together, you’re likely to go through some rough patches, but if you stick together and stay positive, you’ll get to experience some beautiful moments.” He’s has a point and did these guys stay positive–read on!

The man in the middle is known by his wife Yari “as the most incredible man on the face of the planet”. When faced with the reality that Yarima was without a wedding dress less than 24 hours before the wedding ceremony, Ren was there in the most reassuring way. He told her “I would marry you in a garbage bag and you would still be the most beautiful girl in the world”.

“Everyone said something always goes wrong, but really, did it have to be the dress? It was by the grace of God and the generosity of spirit which the owner and staff of Chic Parisien showed me,  that I made it through the night.  With the dress of my dreams in hand, I was ready to get married.”

I love brides–their beautiful, romantic and in love. To understand what Yarima went through and to witness her poise, grace and gentle spirit, it was any amazing moment when we all saw Yari for the first time.

“Walking into the church I was anxious to find Ren.  Once our eyes met nothing else mattered.  I was going to marry the man of my dreams, my best friend.”

I look at a moment in wonderful detail and within a  setting there are mini details that I look for. The image above is one of those wonderful mini details.

Weddings are full of moments–there’s so much action going on! And the action is obvious, but it’s the “reaction” that completes the story. While Yari and Ren shared their first dance–the Mothers shared a moment of  total joy together!

You think Ren is flying high at this point? This was one amazing party that even had the Dad’s taking a leap of faith into the crowd. Check out the slide show and you’ll see what I mean.

“We spent the evening intoxicated with happiness.  I think it was in the air 🙂  We danced and ate and laughed and danced some more and before we knew it, they were playing the last song and we were heading up to our magnificent suite as man and wife.  Mrs. Garcia … fits like a pair of fuchsia Louboutins … perfect!!!!!!” Check out the amazing slide show below and check out the stunning Christian Louboutin’s and yes they are fuchsia! Click the play button…

A Few Details: Ceremony: St Jude Catholic Church Miami; Reception: Four Seasons Hotel Miami; Wedding Coordination: Cheryl Clisby Event Design + Management; Decor: Always Flowers; Music:  Luis Bode Music Service; Video: Utopia Video Productions; Make Up: Jessie Sierra

“We wanted to thank you for the amazing work you have created from our engagement session to those images that you sent us the night, or should I say morning after our wedding. You are a madman!!!”

Mad no but definitely crazy about photograph amazing weddings!

Stay positive!

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  • Luis E Torres

    Wow Roy!
    Best post EVER.
    Love the images, you’ve done it again my friend.
    I feel so lucky to have been there with such an amazing couple and your great company.

  • Ricardo Aguiar

    This wedding looks amazing!!! It looks like you had a blast photographing this wedding. Awesome job!

  • jeannine

    the pictures are amazing/fabulous yari!!!
    roy is soo talented it amazes me the expressions and split second moments he captures.. as if he knew what ppl were about to do next!!

  • miamigal

    Amazing pictures for what seems to have been an amazing wedding. After all the dress drama could you tell us who the dress is by?

  • Roy

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments. Yari’s dress that she picked out the night before the wedding at Chic Parisien is by Rosa Clara.

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