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Jennifer + Ryan | November 8, 2009

Hi, I’ve got a great wedding to share with you! The historic Coral Gables Congregational Church was the setting for the wedding of my son, Ryan to his beloved Jennifer, which was followed by a wild wedding reception at the Coral Gables Hyatt.
The internet is an amazing matchmaker…I meet so many couples that have met on EHarmony, Match, Plenty of Fish, JDate, Date My Pet…Yeah I know that last one many of you may not have heard of…but that’s how Ryan met Jennifer…she blew him a virtual kiss and he took it from there.
A wonderful first look...
For twenty eight years I have been a Miami wedding photographer. I have photographed over a thousand first looks, over a thousand first kisses as husband & wife, first dances and countless memorable moments. For each of those weddings, I have been intrigued by relationships, the nuances between a bride and groom…between parents and their children. Now it was my turn, not only was I the Father of the Groom, I was also the Best Man!

If you have ever been the parents of the Bride/Groom…the experience in the months leading up to that day and the wedding day itself is nothing short of surreal! It is a rollercoaster of emotions that I wish I could ride over and over again. I remember my thoughts that day…I thought about this amazing young man that not too long ago was just a little boy…wanting the day to be perfect for both of them, falling in love with Jennifer as her eyes danced with love during promises made…catching Ryan playing with the precious metal that signifies the deed done…now a husband. I can’t recall seeing him dance before this day…but he danced like nobody was watching…and at the end of the night wondering how this day flew by so fast!
My very own team of Miami’s finest wedding photographers–Ricardo Aguiar and Stella Hernandez along with my very close friend, Andrew Duany were there throughout the day to capture many amazing moments. Thank you!
A special thanks to Vince and Paul of Broadway Video for documenting moment after moment for my family. I have had a relationship with Vince and Broadway Video for over 24 years now…he’s an amazing video artist…and an incredible friend! By the way, both Ryan and Vince are Florida Gators and Jennifer had Ana Paz create a special Gator Groom’s cake that truly took Ryan by surprise.
A few details: Wedding Venue: Coral Gables Congregational Church ; Reception Venue: Coral Gables Hyatt; Floral Artistry: Vivian’s Petal’s; Wedding Transportation: Meilan Limousine; Wedding Linens: Gables Linens; Reception Music; DJ Sean Paul; Wedding Cake: Ana Paz Cakes; Andrew Duany Photography ; Broadway Video
Enjoy their fantastic slide show below and don’t be shy about leaving a comment!
Thank you for listening to a Dad share a few thoughts about his son’s wedding!
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  • Mom

    Love what you did with the Blog post! 🙂 I don’t remember much of anything about The Day either and I didn’t have anything to drink except the champagne toast!! All that work and planning and running around and poof! It goes by so fast, you don’t realize that the “kids” are off on their honeymoon and you’re sitting there with Mom-mom and Granny and babysitting the fur-kids and where did everybody go? What did we do? Did we dance (I think so) and have fun (yes)? Did we make the Hyatt people crazy (nope, they were wonderful!) Did we eat Gator Cake until we turned green? (yup!) 🙂

  • Luis E Torres

    Love to see you celebrating! I can tell you do that well (great image with your son on your shoulders).
    Man, sometimes we are so “in it” that we can forget what it is all about.
    Luis E Torres

  • Jen & Adam

    Congrats roy and to your whole fam! amazing pics!

  • Ricardo Aguiar

    It was an honor to photograph this wedding; besides the fun I’ve had just watching you doing the Dad thing. It was awesome.

  • Brenda Simkins

    Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding everyone is always smiling. Thanks for sharing.

  • Granny

    WOW! I felt like I was there all over again. I can imagine you creating this and crying all the while. It was a beautiful wedding day! I miss Ryan…and I love our family. By the way, you have been a great dad – and still are.

    Love, Granny Woodchuck (remember when Ryan used to call me that?)

  • Mom

    Granny, he STILL calls you Granny Woodchuck! LOL! I’m glad you remember The Day, it’s all a blur to me. I just remember I had to crawl out of bed at 6 on Monday morning to go get all the critters out of their hotel and then go back to get Ryan & Jen to take them to the ship. Checking out of the Hyatt was definitely a blur – it was like a Chinese Fire Drill for the whole family. Roy! You didn’t take pix of that!! 🙂

  • Robert

    Big congrats from everyone here at

  • Patty Conard Barreto

    Absolutely amazing as usual!

  • Karen Holmes-Llera

    Thanks for posting this on their Anniversary 🙂 But I don’t thank you for making me cry again!

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