Cheryl & Tim: A Ft. Lauderdale Ritz Carlton Wedding

Lost in their thoughts...about to have that "first look"!

Lost in their thoughts…about to have that “first look”!

If a relationship is to evolve, it must go through a series of endings. “Lisa Moriyama”

A sweet moment...

A sweet moment…

Love endures… and those that know the love story between Cheryl and Tim understand that “love endures”. Before family and friends they expressed this with vows of love eternal, love respected at the beautiful Ft Lauderdale Ritz Carlton.

"Love endures..."

“Love endures…”

Special Thank you to Adriana Arboleda and her team for a great Ritz Carlton wedding experience!'s all in the ...

Details-Details-Details…it’s all in the …

A few details: Wedding Venue: Ritz Carlton Ft. Lauderdale; Wedding Officiate: Rabbi Loring Frank; Floral Artistry: Xquisite Events

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  • Ricardo Aguiar

    Another amazing work Roy. Beautiful work as always.

  • Curtis Copeland

    Beautiful images. Very emotional. Thanks for sharing!

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