A Glimpse of Cuba: La Maravilla

La Habana Photography of Cuba

Eleven years ago I stood in front of this building in La Habana Vieja… first the sign caught my eye and then observing the balcony, I noticed the old lady swaying in the window back and forth with the baby in her arms. She was aware that I was shooting and started to fix her hair as if prepping for a portrait. I kept waiting for both child and woman to be in a position to capture both…remember they were swaying. I wonder is she still alive today…the child fast approaching his 12th birthday…

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  • Ray Roman

    Always look forward to seeing your photos of Cuba…stunning visuals as always!

  • Stella

    Such an eye-catching image–it’s almost eerie in it’s beauty. Just beautiful!

  • Cosette

    Roy, I do not know you, however, this particular photograph has brought tears to my eyes. I am also Cuban and this image has brought forth a number of emotions that I never imagined possible just from this shot alone. First the contrast between the name of the building and what you actually see is beyond words…then there’s the older woman holding the child and how you were able to capture them both…truly amazing. It makes me thing of my own young child and my grandmother who raised me (in Cuba) all at the same time. I believe you are the “Almodovar” of photography…a true vehicle for representing the human condition in all its aspects.

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