Miami Wedding Photography: Maria + Ernesto= Engagement

en·gage·ment (ěn-gāj’mənt) n.

  1. The act of engaging or the state of being engaged.

  2. Betrothal.

  3. Something that serves to engage; a pledge.

  4. A promise or agreement to be at a particular place at a particular time.

These two could be on a cover of a romance novel!

These two could be on a cover of a romance novel!

As I was thinking what to say…I thought what does the dictionary say about the word “engagement”?  If you read the above…all four definitions can apply to the commitment that a relationship involves. The promise of being a couple, there for each other, engaged in the day to day flow of life…the simplicity of a caress…to the love notes sent to each other via texting…they are forms of being engaged with each other.

Miami wedding photography

But then being engaged is the very art of life…throughout our lives we’re engaged with our parents, grandparents, our siblings…our friends…even our pets.

Love that foot action...

Love that foot action…

So Maria & Ernesto are engaged to share life and live for the rest of their lives together and very soon they’ll be married but still engaged in life…together.

Miami Wedding Photography

I used to think once your married your not engaged anymore…but now that I think of it…you’re always engaged in life together…I like this thought!

Enjoy this beautiful slide show and don’t be shy about leaving a comment!

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  • Natalia Plasencia

    Gorgeous Roy!!! Just stunning!!

  • Anonymous

    Roy what a immaculate Art…very happy and pleased to be part of This Event to come…again, awesome job!
    Junior-Junior’s Band-Orchestra…

  • Maria

    Esta buenisimo!!! Roy you did an incredible job these pictures will become our new home decorations. These photographs are filled with breathtaking backgrounds, authenticity, and the vividness that makes you feel in love. Thank you so much I love them!

  • Destin Beach Weddings

    Beautiful pic’s, you are a PRO !
    if i was getting married, i’d hire you in a minuite !

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