Grove Isle Wedding Photography: Jossie & Jose share a “secret garden”

Love can be as elusive as a perfect rose. But it’s always there…and so Jossie met Jose…their relationship blossomed…but then the flower decided to hide from the gardener…but as any good gardener knows—with patience and tender loving care a flower may blossom again. So it is with Jossie, our beautiful flower in this love story blossomed again and Jose tenderly and with love knows that this flower is like no other flower he has ever seen.

So it goes that Jossie & Jose had a Grove Isle wedding under a beautiful blue sky, swaying coconut palms and surrounded by their closest family and friends. If you look in the dictionary under the word paradise; you’ll find Grove Isle listed as an example of paradise.

BTW, Jossie looked absolutely WOW in a dress of her own design. You see Jossie is Jossie’s Couture in Coral Gables. Over the years I have photographed many beautiful brides in a Jossie creation including my sister, Tiffany! I must be doing something right when a designer of Jossie’s caliber honors me with photographing her wedding!

Enjoy their special video and leave a sunny, warm comment for this awesome couple.

  • Kristie

    Very beautiful Uncle Jose and Jossie 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you!

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