South Florida Portrait Photography: Meet Aidan

Photographing babies is a joyful experience. Aidan is the perfect model. His loving parents dress him in only the most stylish duds a South Florida baby should be wearing these days. This little guy could be in a Baby GAP ad! Life is good for this fantastic family. Enjoy the slideshow and show Aidan some love with a sweet comment.

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  • Aidan's mommy

    Thank you Roy, these are absolutely fantastic! Not to be too cliche, but they brought a tear to my eye. Your ability to capture Aidan at exactly the perfect moment is incredible…

  • Jennifer

    You could not have picked a more perfect model to show off your amazing ability to capture a baby’s personality! I love the family shots as well. I will remember this for when my time comes!!

  • Beverly

    Absolutely joy to watch and appreciate the delicious images! You are all so very special. Thanks for sharing!


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