Michelle + Henry: Biltmore Hotel Wedding Coral Gables

What can I say about Michelle and Henry’s wedding at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables but that it was one of the most tender, emotional weddings I have ever been to. Dad and Michelle at home sharing a little love! Getting ready is a part of any wedding that the guests don’t get to see but is one of my favorite times at a wedding. There are many wonderful, joyous tender moments with the bridesmaids…Mom and Dad. I get a big high watching a loving couple get married…the smile and look that Henry is sharing with Michelle… Reflected back in the face of a beautiful bride!
When I mentioned “emotional” weddings…I wasn’t kidding. An awesome portrait in the festive lobby of the Biltmore Hotel.
Attention to detail as always… I can’t say enough about Ana Paz and these incredible cakes that she creates! They taste great too… Did I say emotional? 🙂 For there firsat dance…they were serenaded by “mariachis”. Another great Dad and daughter moment… An awesome fiesta… and a lotta love for and between these two!
Thank you for many wonderful moments!

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